Free Monthly Calendar Google Docs Template: Editable, Minimalist & Free

Are you tired of the same old monthly calendar template? Take your scheduling to the next level with Minimalist Calendar! Our free editable Google Docs template is the perfect way to simplify your month. With a minimalist design, organizing tasks, reminders, and events has never been easier. Get organized & stay organized with Minimalist Calendar - it's free, fast, and easy!


  • Clean and modern design
  • Easy to edit in Google Docs
  • Free

Also you can download Pdf version


How to Use:

  1. Access the Template: Click on the link below to open the template directly in Google Docs.

  2. Edit and Personalize: Tailor the working hours to fit your team's needs. Modify the schedule, update holidays, and add any specific details.

  3. Share and Collaborate: Foster teamwork by sharing the template with your colleagues.

  4. Save and Download: Save the edited template to your Google Drive, download it, or print a copy for your records.