Free Shifting Script Google Docs Template: Reality, Personality, and Skills Pages

This shifting template contains the following sections:

  • Section 1: The script itself describes desired reality. In it, you can describe in detail the new reality you would like to live in, the new environment. How would you like your leisure time, what kind of person you are, and how would you manifest your love and care for everything surrounding you?
  • Section 2: General info
  • Section 3: Personality and Skills
  • Section 4: Appearance

You can start writing your script from any section, move them as you like, and customize or delete unnecessary ones. Remember — the main thing is your pleasure from the process.
You should write whatever you want to in order to express your ideal self. Be who you are. To succeed, try to picture your ideal reality. This will make your script seem more lively and current.

Here you can download a free Shifting Script Template, fill it out and print it or use it digitally via Google Docs.



What is reality shifting?

Reality Shifting, also known as Dimensional Jumping — is a visualization technique similar to meditation that allows you to "exist" in an alternate reality while gaining the maximum possible sensory perceptions.

Therapist Grace Warwick explained that reality shifting is a "transluminal experience" similar to what one feels before falling asleep or just after waking. By listening to repetitive music or counting backward from 100, practitioners can induce a transluminal state and imagine a vivid reality of their own. Those practicing reality-shifting claim that they are going to one of the infinite numbers of universes theorized by quantum mechanics.

What is shifting script?

A shifting script is a type of fan fiction that is written by reality shifters to help them visualize their desired reality. It is typically written in the first-person perspective and includes details about the protagonist's life, such as their name, appearance, relationships, location, and other important details. The script is used to help focus the shifter's energy on the desired reality and help them manifest it.

Who and when shifting technique was invented?

The concept of reality shifting and scripting was first introduced by a man named David John Oates in the early 2000s. He developed the concept of using scripting to manifest a desired reality and coined the term "shifting." Oates also developed various techniques and methods for reality shifting, such as the Raven Method and the Pillow Method.

After becoming popular on TikTok, where several users claimed to be reality-shifting into Hogwarts, the fiction school from the Harry Potter universe, the practice gained popularity in 2020.

How to measure the effectiveness of the shifting script?

Measuring the effectiveness of a shifting script can be done in several ways. One way is to keep track of how often it is used and whether it leads to changes in behavior or thought patterns. Additionally, you can measure your progress in achieving the desired reality by keeping track of the number of affirmations you have used and the amount of visualization you have done. Lastly, you can track your own subjective experience and see if it shifts when using the script.