Chicago Style Google Docs Template

Create high-quality, professional documents quickly and easily with the Chicago Style Template! Our cloud-based template is free to use and customizable for any project you have. Whether you're writing an academic paper, a business proposal, or something else, this template has everything you need to make sure your document looks great. Get started now and take advantage of this incredible resource!

Best Tips

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Chicago Style guidelines before using the template.
  2. Use the pre-formatted sections for your title page, abstract, main text, and bibliography to ensure consistency.
  3. Customize the placeholders with your own information, including your title, name, and citations.
  4. Determine whether to use footnotes or endnotes based on your discipline and consult with your instructor or supervisor.
  5. Use the pre-formatted styles for headings, block quotes, and lists to create a professional-looking document.
  6. Proofread your paper carefully before submitting it to catch any errors.
  7. Take advantage of the built-in spelling and grammar checkers in Google Docs.
  8. Consider having a friend or colleague review your work for additional feedback.