Free Christmas Working Hours Google Docs Template

Embrace the holiday spirit while effortlessly managing your team's schedules. Our whimsical and cute graphic featuring clocks and a Christmas tree border adds a touch of merriment to your work hours planning.

Key Features:

  • Adorable Christmas Design: Enjoy a visually pleasing template adorned with charming clock illustrations and a Christmas tree border, adding a cheerful atmosphere to your working hours planning.

  • Editable in Google Docs: Easily customize your team's working hours directly in Google Docs. No need for additional software—just click, edit, and save.

  • Efficient Time Management: Ensure a perfect balance between work and holiday celebrations. Streamline your team's schedule for a stress-free and joyful Christmas season.


How to Use:

  1. Access the Template: Click on the link below to open the template directly in Google Docs.

  2. Edit and Personalize: Tailor the working hours to fit your team's needs. Modify the schedule, update holidays, and add any specific details.

  3. Share and Collaborate: Foster teamwork by sharing the template with your colleagues. Collaborate in real-time to create a harmonious working hours plan.

  4. Save and Download: Save the edited template to your Google Drive, download it, or print a copy for your records.