Free Trifold Brochure Google Docs Template for Shop, Cafe and Restaurant

Create a stunning trifold brochure quickly and easily with this customizable template, designed specifically for cafes, shops, and restaurants. Learn how to customize the template to fit your needs, add images and text, and create a professional-looking brochure that showcases your business. This template is available for free on Google Docs, so you can get started right away.

  • Clean and modern design
  • Сozy colors and fonts



Why do cafes, shops, and restaurants need brochures?

Cafes and shops can benefit from using brochures in a variety of ways. Brochures can help to introduce customers to the business, showcase products, and services, provide helpful information, and promote special offers and discounts. Brochures also help to create a professional image and establish trust with customers. By providing customers with detailed information about the business, brochures can help to increase customer loyalty and build brand recognition.