Free Group Project Rubric Google Docs Template

Our "Free Rubric Google Docs Template" is the perfect solution for educators and professionals who need to create well-structured and organized assessments. This template features a clean and simple design, ensuring clarity and ease of use. Whether you're evaluating student assignments, conducting performance reviews, or assessing project outcomes, our template will streamline your assessment process.

Key Features:

  • Clean and user-friendly design.
  • Optimized for printing, making it easy to distribute and share with others.
  • Suitable for various evaluation purposes, such as academic grading, employee performance reviews, project assessment, and more.
  • Created in Google Docs for seamless collaboration and cloud-based accessibility.
  • Completely free to download and use.


Creating rubrics from scratch can be overwhelming and lead to inconsistent evaluations. Our template streamlines the process and ensures that you address all the essential criteria relevant to your assessment. By using our rubric, you can:

  • Achieve Consistency: With predefined criteria and levels of performance, you can ensure fairness and consistency in your evaluations.

  • Save Time: Skip the tedious task of designing rubrics and focus more on providing valuable feedback to your students or team.

  • Enhance Clarity: Our template's clean layout makes it easier for assessors and recipients to understand the evaluation criteria.

  • Foster Improvement: By providing constructive feedback based on the rubric, you can support continuous growth and improvement.

Best Tips for Using the Rubric Template:

  1. Customize Criteria: Tailor the rubric to fit your specific assessment needs. Add, remove, or modify criteria to align with your evaluation objectives.

  2. Provide Descriptive Level Descriptions: Clearly define what each level of performance entails. This helps both you and the recipients understand the expectations.

  3. Collaborate Effectively: Leverage the power of Google Docs by inviting relevant stakeholders to collaborate on the rubric. Encourage feedback and input to create a well-rounded assessment tool.