4 Important Tips to Keep Your Christmas Tree From Drying Out and Crumbling

Taking care of a live Christmas tree is simple, but it does require a few specific steps. If you take these steps, you can make your Christmas tree last all season long. Let's take a look at how to keep your Christmas tree alive and fresh.

Christmas tree

We need to cover the Christmas tree if we carry it on the roof of the car

Most owners transport a Christmas tree to their home on the roof of their car. Without any shelter, the wind can dry out the tree's needles. The first step to keeping your Christmas tree fresh is to cover it for the trip home so the wind doesn't damage it.

Making a fresh cut on the trunk of the Christmas tree to improve osmosis

When caring for a live Christmas tree, remember that a Christmas tree is essentially a giant cut flower. Unless you cut the tree yourself, chances are the Christmas tree you bought has been sitting on the property for a few days, perhaps weeks.

The vascular system that carries water inside the Christmas tree is clogged. If you cut off just 0.5 cm of the lower part of the trunk, this will clear the blockage and reopen the vascular system. You can also cut off more if this is necessary for height reasons. 

Christmas tree trim the trunk

Many people wonder if there is a special way to trim the trunk to keep the Christmas tree fresh. A simple straight cut is sufficient. Drilling holes or cutting at an angle will not improve the ability of the tree to absorb water. 

The most important rule is to fill the Christmas tree stand with clean water

To keep your Christmas tree alive, you need to make sure that after you cut the trunk of the tree, the cut stays moist.

If you want your Christmas tree to last longer, just use plain water. Studies have shown that plain water helps keep your Christmas tree alive just as well as anything else added to it. 

A Christmas tree can soak up to 5 liters of water or more in the first 24 hours, so refill as needed!

Check the Christmas tree stand twice a day while it is standing. It is important that the Christmas tree stand remains filled. The Christmas tree stand usually holds a fairly small amount of water, and it can use up water quickly.


Christmas tree stand with water

Place the tree away from vents or cold drafts 

Another important part of making your Christmas tree last longer is choosing a good location in your home. Place your Christmas tree away from vents or cold drafts. Constant heat or temperature fluctuations can hasten the drying out of your Christmas tree. Also, do not place the tree in direct sunlight. Sunlight can also hasten the tree's withering.

Christmas tree when near ventilation