Top 3 Free Interview Speaking Simulator Websites

There are many ways to prepare for an interview. Some people study the company, the job description, and the company culture. Others practice their interview skills with a friend or a family member. But what about preparing for an interview with simulated interactions by software, and completely free?

A job interview simulator is software that helps practice for an upcoming interview and gets feedback on job seeker interviewing skills.

There are many types of simulations available on the market. Some of them just voice recognition software while others are more interactive and include video and audio files. The best simulation software will have different position types, ask difficult questions, and offer feedback after each answer.

Top 3 Free Interview Simulators

1. Interview Warmup

This product was developed by Google and allows users to practice answering questions that have been carefully chosen by industry experts. This software uses machine learning technology created by Google Research to transcribe user responses and point out areas for improvement.

Users can practice answering both general interview questions and job-specific ones chosen by an expert in that field using voice-to-text or the keyboard.

As a result of such training, the human subconscious will be ready for most of the questions that interviewers love so much, which greatly increases the likelihood of employment.

Source: Interview Warmup

Price: Free

Interview Warmup Interface screenshot

2. SmallTalk

Without the need for human interaction and with perfect accuracy, SmallTalk identifies and analyzes speech. The latest deep learning algorithms were trained on tens of thousands of simulated IELTS speaking tests.

Mock interviews simulate an actual interview with an HR Manager for a variety of professions, including manager, specialist, and even a post for a fresh-faced student. You will receive a report outlining your strengths and weaknesses as well as a rating of your English proficiency after passing a mock interview.

Source: SmallTalk

Price: Free

SmallTalk interview simulator screenshot

3. Mockmate

Mockmate is a tool that job searchers can use to practice and refine their responses to more than 800 interview questions. Users can type responses, speak (audio), or film a video. If required, respond and review, amend, and redo. When submitting a response, an algorithm immediately delivers feedback.

With the Tailored Advice feature, users can receive quick feedback on their performance, along with detailed recommendations and samples of their best responses.

Source: Mockmate

Price: Free

Mockmate software interview simulator screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is interview simulation important?

With interview simulation, people can better prepare for their job interviews and improve their chances of receiving a job offer. Since the person has already answered similar questions recently, the subconscious mind feels much more confident during a real interview, which greatly reduces stress hormones and the person behaves confidently and professionally.

What are the important points for preparing for an interview?

  • Analyze the job description
  • Make a list of the questions you ask
  • Review common interview questions
  • During the interview, try to always think and speak with the main idea in mind - "How can I be useful to this company"

What are good questions to ask at the end of an interview?

  • What do you personally like most about working for this organization?
  • What are the biggest challenges of this job?